Miracle Oasis

Miracle Oasis

Where “Life Springs Afresh”: Bringing GOD’s Love and Hope to the local underprivileged community of Perth since 2001.

What is “Miracle Cafe”?

Miracle Cafe was birthed in 1999 with a purpose to serve, bless and impact the local community of Melville where GOD had initially placed us. When the Church moved to its new Cana House building in 2001, “Aflamers” started praying over the Perth city locality GOD had now called us to. Pretty soon, GOD was doing a fresh work, with Miracle Cafe regularly serving and reaching out to the local underprivileged community in the area.

Today, Miracle Cafe has grown in its operations and services to the community, now aptly called “Miracle Oasis”. We have witnessed this ministry become a wonderful “arm of salvation”, with many in the underprivileged community making decisions to follow CHRIST and experiencing positive changes in their lives. Such changes include being blessed with new jobs, getting off the streets, improved health, freedom from alcohol addiction, and renewed hope and encouragement for the future.

Saturdays at “Miracle Cafe”.

Free Quality Hot Meals & Beverages. Praise & Worship. Impacting Messages.

Every Saturday, as GOD’s Truth and Good News have been faithfully sown each week, we have seen an increase of homeless and underprivileged people not only come to partake of the free quality hot cooked meals we serve, but coming to enjoy the live praise and worship, and impacting messages of hope, love, peace and joy.

Saturdays at Miracle Oasis have now become a “church service” for this valued community. We have witnessed many come not just for the food, hot drinks and material aide we provide, but to seek prayer and encouragement which helps “get them back on their feet”. Despite diverse backgrounds and experiences in life, many are experiencing GOD’s Love and renewed hope and purpose.

Weekly Packaged Cooked Meals & Material Aide.

Apart from our Saturday “Miracle Cafe” service, the homeless and needy come regularly to receive quality hot meals and cold beverages. Every week, our team of volunteers work hard in our in-house fully equipped commercial grade kitchen to cook hot packaged meals, as well as providing material aide and support for those in necessitous circumstances.

Together, we can “Give Hope” to more.

As we serve and minister to the people with sincere love and compassion, we have seen GOD breakthrough in their lives. With trust and relationship having been developed over the years, many now treat us like their own family, opening their hearts and experiencing GOD’s loving kindness.

Our continual prayer and heart is to witness many more experience freedom from all bondages in their lives. GOD has been faithful in bringing healing, restoration and transformation, and we are believing for many more to live in the fullness of GOD’s promised abundant life.

If you are interested in supporting this ministry, please get in touch with us! We’d love to hear from you by contacting us.