Denis’ Story

All Began Well

I was born and raised in Cottesloe. When I found the one, I married my wife and had two wonderful children together. I raised my family in Rockingham and earned a respectable living in the footwear industry as a corporate Sales Manager of a reputable footwear brand. I worked hard to provide for my family. However, my life would unexpectedly take a turn for the worst.

Worsening Difficulties of Life

My wife and I got separated and it caused my relationship with my two daughters to become estranged. While sorely missing them, I got hit with devastating news on my birthday. My Father had lost his battle with dementia. With no one to turn to, I was desperately holding myself together with all the strength I could muster, but to no avail.

Turning to Alcohol for Relief

I was coping with my life problems the only way I knew how. It began with one drink, and another, and another. Before I knew it, I spiraled down a destructive path of heavy drinking, consuming almost 30 beer cans on any given day. Although struggling, inside I knew I needed to be changed and knew my condition wasn’t good nor healthy for me. I didn’t want to live life “drowning in my sorrows”. Still, I would find myself returning to the same form of relief, frequenting the local pub.

An Experience at Miracle Oasis

What I thought was another day at the pub turned out to be an unforgettable encounter. I met Peter, a man who had been visiting Miracle Oasis. He told me about the live music and encouraging messages from the Pastor. Peter kindly invited me to come along. I didn’t know what to expect, but I thought I’d give it a shot.

Experiencing JESUS’ LOVE

At Miracle Café, the atmosphere was lively and warm. Those serving me food and drinks approached me to introduce themselves and encouraged me. They did not question about my background nor judge my addiction; all I could feel was a sense of belonging and acceptance. I have not felt that in a long time. One time at Miracle Café, a young musician kindly invited me to join the Sunday Celebration at Church. I have never looked back since.

Week after week, the sermons preached were so relevant and spoke to me personally. It challenged me to change the way I was living. They were Words that promised me strength from JESUS to overcome and carry me through. JESUS would eventually set me free from my life of alcohol addiction. He would also continually restore my heart from the brokenness and hurts I had.

My Encouragement to You

I’ve now become very much a part of the Church family. I’ve learnt to continually lean on GOD for strength in my life, and many times I’ve felt so restored while experiencing GOD’s love touching my heart during the Sunday Church celebrations. No matter where you are, know that GOD can transform you, whether young or old. I was once a broken man, but now a complete person thanks to JESUS in my life.

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