Why Aflame?

Why Aflame?

It begins with a lifestyle of burning passion. A life shining bright.

Wholeheartedly devoted to IMPACT COMMUNITIES with LOVE, HOPE, FAITH, PEACE & JOY.

Serving every individual, no matter their background, each valued as precious in GOD’s HEART.

With a LOVE defined and demonstrated by JESUS.

Where transformation of lives happen, one by one.

Life stories re-written. Each unique and special.

This is our meaning of Aflame.

“Aflame with GOD’s Love”.

Free from Alcohol Addiction

Denis went from being a respected Sales Manager to an alcoholic as a result of being unable to cope with the pain of divorce, separation from his daughters and death of a loved one.

The Reality of Sickness

Maria grew up in a broken family, and got involved in one dating relationship after another. She experienced the difficult moments of seeing her Mum go through the painful suffering of cancer.

Life Without a Father

Chris was raised by a single Mother without an important Father figure in his life. Little did he know he would miraculously reconnect with his estranged Father later in his adult years.